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The Blog of Blurbs

A blog of blurbs. “Derivative and one note.” “Oddly compelling.” “A novel idea that ultimately proves wearing.” “Brief, thought provoking – but in a bad way.” “It is as if the act of inverting the blurbs – tucking them between the covers of the piece itself James reveals… precisely nothing.” “What exactly are these blurbs […]

Hipster Lego

Let’s make a pact to stop saying it

I’m going to say something truly disgusting. Truly abhorrent. I can’t believe I am actually going to say this. Here goes… ‘Impactful.’ What an utterly unpleasant, unnecessary, unbecoming word. Is there a more malodorous, misbegotten malady than the word ‘Impactful’? “Thanks for that session Greg it really impacted me.” Did it? Did it? You should […]

Commentary on commentary

Like many of you, I have spent much of the last fortnight assailing Mount Olympus, snatching fortifying glimpses of greatness, excellence, of history unfolding before me. Like several of you, I am not an avid sports watcher day in, day out. Part of the magic of the experience is sojourning in a world of rich […]

Mental Health is Always a Factor

Last night a fatal stabbing took place in London, near the British Museum. At the time of writing one woman has died and five other people are injured. Facts are currently unclear as Europe wakes up to another morning of contemplating violence and tragedy. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has said, “Early indications suggest mental health […]

When you realise you’re a hipster about numbers…

In the shower this morning I was trying to remember a song lyric that featured a number of things the protagonist hadn’t done. I couldn’t remember how long his to do list was. I think it was a million things he hadn’t yet got round to. Perhaps, in your hectic schedule, you are nodding with […]


Can we agree on something? There is a difference between agreeing with someone and snapping ‘Agreed!’ at someone. I’ve been guilty of this several times. Using the rough ‘gr’ sound to say variably… ‘Yes, obviously’ ‘Glad you’ve caught up’ ‘There’s no need for you to continue’ ‘You don’t need to tell me’ ‘Your tentative suggestion […]