At Church the minister used the American election as a lead in to talking about the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. Her premise being, that 21st century Americans and 1st century Jews could both identify with being stuck between a rock and a hard place. In the fraught presidential contest two figures […]

If you are in Scotland and are expecting a baby next year you may well get an additional bundle of joy with your bundle of joy courtesy of the government. Scot Gov will be trialling a ‘Baby Box’ scheme on New Year’s Day with a full implementation over the summer. The initiative is modelled on […]

I would love to draw your attention to this fantastic BBC Earth article about beavers. The piece is brilliant for two reasons. In the first instance it’s about beavers! Those loveable, toothy cornerstones of nature. It brings good news about the aforementioned. But it’s also utterly, wonderfully bonkers. Laboured puns that are labours of love and metaphors […]

The first presidential debate in the United States of America’s electoral season took place last night. I watched it online this morning. I have done my best to build you a picture of the event in Lego. Clicking sensible and pleasing things together being a good form of therapy after watching 90+ minutes of the […]

There are some words we only know from their shadows. These shadows lurk in common phrases. In fact, habitual expressions are the liquid amber that hardens around the shadow of words fallen or falling out of use. We talk of ‘unrequited’ love, the word ‘unrequited’ preserved in poetic animation. We do not tend to talk […]

So, 10 reasons why posts that are lists are popular: 1 They offer some comforting predictability. 3 Unlike this one. 4 They are easy to write for the pressured writer (that’s only 20 words so far, but don’t it look handsome?). 5 They are easy to format for the time strapped designer. 6 At their […]

Like many of you, I have spent much of the last fortnight assailing Mount Olympus, snatching fortifying glimpses of greatness, excellence, of history unfolding before me. Like several of you, I am not an avid sports watcher day in, day out. Part of the magic of the experience is sojourning in a world of rich […]