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The Blog of Blurbs

A blog of blurbs. “Derivative and one note.” “Oddly compelling.” “A novel idea that ultimately proves wearing.” “Brief, thought provoking – but in a bad way.” “It is as if the act of inverting the blurbs – tucking them between the covers of the piece itself James reveals… precisely nothing.” “What exactly are these blurbs […]

Hipster Lego

Let’s make a pact to stop saying it

I’m going to say something truly disgusting. Truly abhorrent. I can’t believe I am actually going to say this. Here goes… ‘Impactful.’ What an utterly unpleasant, unnecessary, unbecoming word. Is there a more malodorous, misbegotten malady than the word ‘Impactful’? “Thanks for that session Greg it really impacted me.” Did it? Did it? You should […]

People Just Want To Be Heard

The older I get the more I realise – people just want to be heard. It’s wired into us. Our first act is to scream for attention. When in pain we cry out. We know that our only chance of survival is to be heard, to be noticed. When we fall off a bike and […]

10 Best Programmes of 2016

10 programmes I saw this year that enriched my life… black-ish On All4 For fans of 30 Rock, Kimmy Schmidt and Brooklyn 99, when you’ve got 20 minutes to kill (or multiples of 20 minutes…) Why A glorious return to the family sitcom that is smart, savvy, has a great gag rate and that sets […]

Cause for Celebration(s)

We can breathe a sigh of relief folks! Yes Cadbury Dairy Milk products are no longer going to have the FAIRTRADE mark. But this is cause for Celebration(s), if you read this illuminating post from Fairtrade’s blog: Why I want to cheer, not jeer, what is happening with Cadbury and Fairtrade. The piece clarifies that […]

Sanctuary First: Riot Van

I wrote a piece for Sanctuary First as part of the Songs of Remembrance series, discussing the Arctic Monkeys’ Track Riot Van and using it to explore the tragic-comedy of adolescence. I suggest Alex Turner looks on his creations, as God might look at us, with fond lament. Most of us, I reckon, have a […]