Sanctuary First: Riot Van

I wrote a piece for Sanctuary First as part of the Songs of Remembrance series, discussing the Arctic Monkeys’ Track Riot Van and using it to explore the tragic-comedy of adolescence. I suggest Alex Turner looks on his creations, as God might look at us, with fond lament.

Most of us, I reckon, have a particular band or album that faithfully provided the soundtrack through the ups and downs of youth. The witness to all the anxiety, unrequited love and messily requited love. For me it was the debut of the Sheffield wonders Arctic Monkeys.

I was so excited when heading out to buy the album that I brought my mum’s CD Walkman with me so that I could listen to it on the train home (how strange does a CD walkman seem now!). I was already familiar with several of the songs but I had never heard Riot Van before and it knocked me sideways. It is a beautifully constructed album and Riot Van is its heart, continuing the mood of the album but taking it in a different and more tender, rueful direction. The achingly simple guitar solo breaks me every time. Riot Van tells us that it may be Saturday, but Sunday’s coming…

Check out the piece I wrote for Sanctuary First.


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  1. I must check out this album. Thanks for tagging me in Fb; now I understand.

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