DIY #euroref Your handy guide to the EU Vote


The pen is mightier than the campaign literature…

1: Make sure you are registered. Today is the deadline. It only takes a minute girl.

2: Take a deep breath. People keep telling you to get the ‘facts’. Forget facts for a minute and take a deep breath.

3: You are a smart person. How do you feel about the issues? Not think but feel. Humans tend to plump for something (great as a verb ‘plump’ eh?) on an emotional level and then justify with intellect. Don’t feel out of your depth. Don’t think you’re not really a politics person.  You are being asked a question and you are qualified. If needed go back to stage 2.

4: Read up widely but casually about and around the issues involved with the European Union. Avoid the bulleted lists of unsubstantiated claims delivered in a snide tone. Read about and around the issues. Read opinion pieces, translated pieces, short stories. Listen to songs, watch films.

5: Resolve to act. This question isn’t one of these ‘There’s no wrong answers’ kind.  Unfortunately there are only two acceptable answers. You have to boil everything from stage 3 & 4 down to ‘in’ or ‘out’.

6: Travel with your decision. Tune out of the soap opera and carry meaningfully your thoughts and feelings about life and sovereignty and cooperation. Let the vote itself change you. Not the petty in-fighting. Instead of feeling numbed by it all we have the opportunity to feel more. It’s hard because there isn’t much time and what we have been offered hasn’t been that inspiring. But nonetheless we are being invited to participate in a vastly complex and important issue. And we can reclaim the process.  This is DIY #euroref.


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