Something we can agree is scunnering?

Something we can agree is scunnering?

Can we agree on something?

There is a difference between agreeing with someone and snapping ‘Agreed!’ at someone. I’ve been guilty of this several times. Using the rough ‘gr’ sound to say variably…

‘Yes, obviously’
‘Glad you’ve caught up’
‘There’s no need for you to continue’
‘You don’t need to tell me’
‘Your tentative suggestion has now become concrete hombre’*

*even if it was clearly the first (and your less favoured) option of a list.

Can we agree that ‘Agreed!’ is an insufficient means of agreement. It is blunt and often patronising or superior.

We don’t say goodbye by yelling ‘Parted!’

We don’t say thanks by barking ‘Gratitude!’

We don’t reassure someone by saying ‘Comforted!’ loudly in their ungrateful sad little faces.

Be the agreement you have been waiting for. To come to an agreement, to reach consensus is a powerful thing – surely one of the most powerful things. Say Yes. You can say Yes on an exhale. Inhale the quandary and exhale your agreement. Exhale ‘Agreed!’ and you get a hot lip to go with your hot air.

A little bit of respect, finding ways to model agreement not just commentate on it. Just a thought. So what do you think?



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