Human Happiness


Cheer up! It might never happen. Or happen to someone else. While you’re at a safe distance. Giggling to yourself…


Human happiness is like oil. There’s only so much of it left in the ground.

Human happiness will run out one day.

There simply isn’t enough to go around. We had a blast, well some of us, but there’s only so much contentment available. It’s not sustainable to keep everybody happy all the time. We can’t all be content.  Where is smugness without the smug-ees.

Nobody knows how much is left or when we will hit rock bottom, but everyone, almost, agrees that it will run out someday. Maybe folks of the future won’t be buzzed on fun. Maybe kale and jeggings will be enough for them. Realists tell us to stop having fun, we can’t afford to be happy anymore. Happiness – going where you want, doing what you want…is just not possible, It was great having fun and all, we have some great memories but for all our sakes we should stop enjoying ourselves. Let’s get set for the bitter grind. Or only have as little fun as possible. The odd titter. While Hedonist Corp tell us not to think about it and to have fun, fun, fun while we can, as much as we can.

In the midst of this despair, someone in a lab somewhere tells us that they may have stumbled across a secret – unlimited happiness for all, for ever. No peak fun. The problem is there’s no easy way to roll it out, the scale is huge and it takes a lot of hard work. Because they explain to us that happiness is like oil, but a different kind of oil.

One that drizzles.

And unlike the other oil this one has been around for thousands of years. This lab, or more properly: kitchen, is immersed in human happiness. And sadness. Happiness is not ‘going anywhere’ and ‘doing anything’. It is unexpected and nourishing, filling and weightless. Simultaneously hard to grasp and hard to let go. Ever since a pudgy little hand reached out and squeezed. The trickle, the little giggle is still there and it’s still good for you and it’s good for your heart.

Happiness ain’t over yet. One type of happiness is burnt into the atmosphere while the other type goes through us, leaves us, enhances our community and comes back around in the earth and the life around us.

Human happiness is not an ugly slick.

It’s a little splash.


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