Proper Tea Value

Pour yourself a cup of tea.

Pour yourself a cup of tea.

A splash of tea in your cup. Your bag’s packed. It’s time to go. You can feel the chord progression that tugs at your heart. Feel because you can’t hear it. Because there’s no music but birdsong. You glimpse. Because that’s what you do in this mood. You glimpse, and sun is cutting through blinds. You look at the clock. A splash of tea in your cup. Expectancy. Hands fluttering over a belly. The train pulling out the station. A fullness, a divine unrest. It’s time. It’s tea.

Tea transports us. To walled gardens, with magic in each step, to late night conversations on the couch, magic in each word. A cold breeze cuts through warm skin, a warm word breaks into a cold room.

Tea makes us aware of time, waiting for the kettle, infusing, drinking before the cup cools. But it can take us out of time to a little oasis of rest. Somewhere beyond the ordinary. Three lovely teas that do this are Yunnan, Kemun and Lapsang Souchong.

Yunan is sitting in a comfortable armchair next to the fireplace, cosy and hopeful, the night before. Kemun is sitting on a log out by a bonfire, all warm and romantic. Lapsang Souchong is drinking the bonfire.

Get the kettle on and enjoy some proper tea value. The spiritual, the transcendent takes us further in and away from reality, unable to ignore the real or the possible. Take hope, take spirit, take a cuppa tea.


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  1. Drinking the bonfire!! : )

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