Eighty six easy pieces

What's cooking?

What’s cooking?

On average every person on earth has 86 Lego bricks.

Thought experiment.

We divvy it up.

That would mean me parting with my Roman centurion, my chef, my Indiana Jones, my Abraham Lincoln, my conquistador, and my guy dressed as a hot dog along with all the others.

Everyone on earth has 86 bricks and on Christmas day builds whatever they want.

Then on Boxing Day we all show each other.

Then in January 2016 the drone is tracking a guy who… built an awesome purple parrot.

The starving family from drought are the family that… built a fantastic pirate ship that turns into an ice cream parlour. Oh and it has wings.

That piece of work across the street who borrowed your toastie machine and never gave it back is the girl who painstakingly, brick by brick, reproduced the hospital room where she said goodbye last month.

It’s human to dig down and make bricks and press them together with out imagination and hope and humanhood.

Who do I speak to? Like the UN or something. I don’t know. Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas.



  1. So the minifigures have got to go? Couldn’t they be part of your 86 piece allocation? Chef and centurion could achieve a lot I think….

  2. Is it a UN remit? Not sure. Might be a matter for OFFBRICK the Lego regulator…

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