Wednesday (A Short Story)


You start by changing all the clocks. It takes a long time, there’s a lot of dates to change. The oven especially was a trial, but you changed it. Then you go searching for the old newspaper. It’s crumpled but it will do. You take an eraser to the sudoku. Then you remember it was raining. So you rig up the sprinklers above the living room window. This is a complicated process, and your ankle now looks up at you resentfully, but you manage it. Now, what were you wearing? You go into the laundry basket and recreate the ensemble. It was odd socks you remember so you root around for the mismatched pair.

The phone didn’t ring so you take it off the hook. You get all the envelopes and carefully reseal them placing them on the mat below the letter box. All of the letters except one.

And so there you have it. Time travel is possible. It’s now Wednesday. A rainy morning, the phone didn’t ring, you didn’t go anywhere. All you got was some post. This is Wednesday as it should have been. This is a good Wednesday. This is Wednesday before the awful Thursday when it all sunk in. This was a Wednesday without the letter.

The End.


One comment

  1. Claire Young · · Reply

    Wow! This left me with such a sense of devastation.

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