A widespread popular movement in a small European country that is anti-austerity, has engaged a disillusioned electorate and wants to stands up to the establishment…

I’m not talking about Syriza, I’m talking about the Yes campaign.

Now there are also huge differences. Greece’s clanjamfrie clan of the left gas been forged in a firey furnace, while our left has been sitting out it in the sun too long (or should that be rain?). But there are many similarities, not least of all, as Caroline Leckie pointed out in her column in the National, an imploding centre left party which has drifted to the right paving the way.

It’s an exciting time for Europe, for the world – neoliberal economics is being challenged with authenticity and dynamism.

Many in the UK now will be wishing we had some of that dynamism, some of that authenticity. If only that could happen in our backyard…

Well it did.

How cool is that?

In many ways not as radical but in some ways offering more of a paradigm shift, the Yes movement was about all this. It’s a shame for the people of Britain that the UK media failed to adequately capture this excitement.

But it could happen again.

And is happening.

And it didn’t stop.

I’ve always been of the view that a vote for Scottish independence is a vote for Britain not against it. Like a vote for Syriza is a vote for Europe not against it. Even if Scotland had gone independent in September the British island chain would remain, Scotland would still be British like Sweden, Norway and Denmark are still Scandinavian.

What a vote for independence was against was the UK – the system as it stands, which doesn’t work well for anybody. An independent Scotland would still cooperate, laugh, sigh, dance and cry with our British neighbors. Britain would be stronger.

On Saturday I made a spanakopita in tribute to our Greek cousins. Let’s continue to learn from this imaginative and inspiring movement. And who knows what else lies beyond the horizon.


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