Two Words

Lego me

Lego me

Two words can have a powerful effect:

I do.

Peace declared.

A girl!

A boy!

Safe now.

Love you.

The end.

I’m going to argue though that the two most powerful words used in conjunction in the English language are:

Pizza Crunch.

For the uninitiated, move on it’s not too late. Let the wonders and the horrors elude you a little longer. The pizza crunch will find you.

For the initiated, what can I say? A quarter or a half pizza battered with chips. The agony and ecstasy. Eating one is like being involved in a small traffic accident

but in a good way.

The word pizza is evocative as is crunch. But together they soar the depths where your soul and your guts meet. Once you’ve heard the phrase pizza crunch you can’t unhear it. You can’t go back and you can’t not go forward. You have to ask. You have to try. The pizza crunch is coming for you.

The last time I had one was about five years ago.

After today I think that five years is probably a decent interval.

But come 2020, pizza crunch, I’m coming for you. Who knows where I’ll be then or what I’ll be doing, but I’ll be facing it with a small wooden fork in one hand and a greasy crescent in the other.


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