Alphabet of the Year Part 2

Very busy week so thought I would upload the second half of my Alphabet of the Year for 2014. Perhaps you will see some of yourself in these little snippets. Human communication is a bit like that after all. Seeing reflections of ourselves, swirling it around and seeing other faces emerge.

The Sgian Dubh was mightier than the sword.

The Sgian Dubh was mightier than the sword.

O: Organisations – all the interesting groups and initiatives like Common Weal, Radical Independence, Women for Independence, Referendum TV. They have produced some great reading material.

P: Parlo Catala! Have enjoyed teaching myself to speak a little Catalan. There’s a quote I came across once along the lines of ‘The man who has one language has none.’ I think there are oceans of truth in this statement. As immersed as I am in language, I can’t really know it until I have something to compare it to.

Q: Quests to and from Gartcosh and Glenboig, working part time with a great friend to develop communications. Loved it.

R: Reading, I read so many interesting books, articles and essays. Especially discovering and delighting in more Scottish writers such as the bittersweet George Mackay Brown and James Robertson.

S: Surest I’ve ever been at the polling booth.

T: Theatre Live – I saw gripping and moving productions of War Horse for my wife’s birthday and The Crucible for my mother’s birthday. Theatre through the cinema. More high culture should come out of pop culture. Newspaper vendors could sing sonatas, bus conductors could be re-instated and tap dance.

U: Unbelievable Common Wealth Games. Glasgow had such a wonderful atmosphere. I loved the Hampden roar even though it led to the Hampden whisper the next day.

V: St Vincent – Low key comedy about masculinity, community, sainthood, aging and Bill Murray’s endlessly fascinating face.

W: Writing, getting into writing long-form comedy again with my writing partners DM and JK. It’s a wonderful labour of love.

X: Xenoplastic, a new word I have just learned for this list. It means ‘involving distantly related individuals.’ Like you and me reader, like you and me.

Y: You – everybody who has been this blog! Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Z: Zzzzzz, much better and more restful sleeping than the previous year. I learnt to sleep in.


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