Alphabet of the Year Part 1

2014 is coming to an end and what a year it’s been.

Here’s my A-Z of the year part 1!

A: Adoring my wonderful wife! (That’s us been married six months now!)

B: Blogging everyday in the 60 days leading up to the referendum. Rewarding, invigorating

C: Commonwealth Games – absolutely loved the atmosphere at the Hampden (although all that shouting gave me the Hampden whisper the next day)

D: Durham – a lovely city where I saw lovely friends of my wife which are now totally my friends too!

E: Edinburgh – where I performed as an Apprentice Storyteller as part of an Apprentice Showcase. And also where I spent the first moments of 2014 on a chilly hilltop with my sister’s in laws.

F: Food! Rediscovering a delight for cooking.

G: Green Party. I never would have thought at the end of 2013 that by this time next year I’d be a member of a political party but I have found a home with a Green. As an individual, a local branch and a national party – the next few years will be an on-going learning experience as we grow into ourselves.

H: Health kick! Joined the gym. If some people’s bodies are a temple mine is a liberal, hipster congregation camped out in a drafty late 80s prefab.

I: Interviews. Had several interviews this year. Learned a bit about myself and quite a bit about the world.

J: Joining in with the Holy City events, esp the pre-referendum series “Tartan Jesus”

K: Kin – new kin, new mother in-law & father in-law and two new sisters! Now get to try my hand at being an older brother.

L: Luton – where I got to hang out with fantastic friends of my wife who are now my friends and also my marvelous old Scargill housemate.

M: Malaga Tapas – wonderful restaurateurs who catered tapas for our wedding and now treat us as VIPs when we visit.

N: The National – our fantastic new champion in the arena of the bruised and battered ‘dead tree press.’

O-Z to follow šŸ™‚


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