Piece by Piece

wall paper

I’m yet to get tore into the Smith Commission analysis. Partly because I’ve been getting tore into a lot of wallpaper. I have been using steam powered devices to blast walls and scrape off paper. My Friday copy of The National where they get stuck in, is sitting faithfully ready to be read.

So forgive me. This post is not going to get really into the details. Perhaps on Wednesday I’ll get really tore in.

So back to the wallpaper.

You can just go at a wall with a scraper. It will take a while. But you can do it. You can scrape over and over and start to see the promised piece beneath. The piece that will allow you to piece by piece, piece together a new piece o home. Such piece.

But you’ll be in pieces by the time you get there.

What you need is a kettle with a hose on it. Well not exactly, I can’t see that going well. What you need is a device akin to a kettle with a hose on it that ends up with a sort of flat paddle. It keeps bubbling away while you press the pad on the piece of your pad you want to piece together. With the right assistance the task is transformed. With the same scraper you can make so much more progress.

Now perhaps all that steam has got to me but I think that, like the Luxury Boing Factor, this provides a striking picture for our constitutional conundrums.

As I say, I’m yet to get to grips with the Smith Commission but from what I can gather it’s a bigger scraper. A big scraper with a Tartan handle – but still just a scraper. We’ve been used to scraping along. The momentum we Scots have been looking for (and there certainly has been a lot of hot air) is looking for an outlet. We’ve been steaming along – what we need is the right kind of device – a way of further concentrating and directing this steam at the task at hand.

The Smith Commission could have been a hose with a paddle at the end. As it is we have ended up with a slightly bigger scraper. It’s not the scraper we’re used to, we don’t have a handle on it, but it is a wee bit bigger and we’ll get to work.

See this wall? It’s needing done. We’ll scrabble at with wur bare haunds if we have tae. We need to scrape away at health inequality, income disparity, land neglect, waste, so much.

See when that kettle bubbles up again, we’ll brothers and sister be for a that as we together pick up that hose and blast the wall to hell and back.

Then we’ll put up paper, or no paper at all, we’ll paint it many colours, we’ll stencil it incredibly.

Until then we’d better put the kettle on, pick up our slightly bigger scraper, and get to work.


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  1. […] Saturday, in anticipation of reading up on it, I said of the Smith Commission that it could have been a hose with a paddle at the end. As it is we have ended up with a slightly bigger sc… Having read more now and got a better sense of its contents I would say that yes far from being a […]

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