9 out of 20

So here we are the end of the Referendum campaign and the end of my daily series. I am sleep deprived and deeply melancholy so I will be brief. While I am scunnered it didn’t go the way I had hoped I am enormously proud of my friends, family and my wider family of the people of Scotland have wrestled with this issue and have made it their own. Just as a Yes vote meant more than one thing so did a No vote. This is a complex mixture, muddied by late attempts to throw together a new constitutional offer at the 11th hour. It was always going to be given that the consistently most popular option of Devo Max (this term has been lazily applied recently to mean all sorts of things far short of maximum devolution) was off the table.

If you took 20 people, 9 of them would be in favour of independence vs. 11 of them against. That’s how close this thing got. I am immensely proud of the positivity of the grassroots campaign that generously offered space for people to invest in and build on dreams for a new independent Scotland. Overwhelmingly the traffic was toward Yes with No succeeding more in managing to hold on to a majority than actually changing people’s minds.

I respect the decision that the country has made, those 11 people have carried the day – but it is all of us who carry the future. The movement for Yes fought an uphill battle and managed to engage thousands upon thousands of people normally sidelined and allow them to find a voice. They did so in a positive life affirming Way and it heartens me for the future.

We know the will of the people is likely Devo Max and we know that what is currently offered is nowhere near Devo Max. Just imagine if we built an even broader consensus to push constitutional reform. Regional assemblies across England, new parties forming, a completely overhauled second chamber, more robust local government and and…

Scotland may have spoken. But it’s not going to just stop talking.

We have a lot more speaking to do.

I will now take some time to heal and reflect before picking up my shovel and getting to work. Thanks for reading these posts, your support and encouragement has been a real blessing to me. Thanks for engaging, for caring, for taking an interest. It means the world to me.



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