The pen is mightier than the Sgian Dubh

So today I thought I’d wear my kilt. I’m an advocate for normalising kilt wearing. Kilts at the beach, kilts on the commute, kilts down the shops. They’re surprisingly practical, look great and it means you’re ready for a ceilidh at the drop of a bunnet. Kilts in their modern form may be a largely synthetic creation (culturally, mine is of course 100% wool, Black Watch as my grandfather served in that regiment) but isn’t all culture? Let’s own our past in the same way that today we get to own our future, creatively and with vigour!

I thought it would be significant to wear it today not just as it a Scottish garment but because I haven’t worn my kilt since I got married this summer and like I said a few days ago in my piece A Proposal I feel a metaphor of engagement and wedding is more appropriate for today than one of divorce or separation. I have voted Yes as a hopeful statement of intent for the future. Whatever the result as it comes in tomorrow morning, Scotland is not going anywhere, Britain is not going anywhere. I have voted Yes because I want the relationship between these countries on these islands to flourish and blossom and likewise our relationships with our other neighbours and with the world. An open hearted, outward looking, responsible and reformed Scotland will be a better partner. It’s time we step up.

I have made my proposal.

Now what will she say?

When leaving the house this morning I decided it would be a good statement to put a pen in my sock rather than the traditional Sgian Dubh. Today is not a day for weapons. It’s a day to pick up a pen. How wonderful is it that our Referendum has been so peaceful? More about stationary than weaponry.

I of course crossed my ballot with one of their pencils (tied up weirdly, in case anyone thinks – ‘I want a new country AND a new pencil.’) but the imagery of the pen stands. Of course the Sgian Dubh (effectively a glorified letter opener) is more tool than weapon and we will be needing tools in the next days, months and years. We will also need to show humility, humour, self deprecation and the grace of God.

Today all we have needed is a writing implement.

Tomorrow all we need is each other.

And after that…

Oh I’m helluva excited.



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  1. […] favourite implement (you don’t have a favourite implement?) is a blunt one. I blogged back on September 18th about how the pen is mightier than the Sgian Dubh when I decided to tuck one into my sock to […]

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