I would like to thank you if you plan to vote No on September 18th. We disagree, as I will be voting Yes but I thank you for engaging in this process, weighing up the decision and coming to your own conclusion. It has been a privilege to share Scotland with you and it will be a privilege to continue sharing Scotland with you come what may on the morning of September 19th. We will be starting on a brand new journey whatever happens next and I hope that we realise that it is largely the traditional media which is stoking and magnifying resentment and not one another. I am so glad this process has happened and I am very excited for the future of Scotland.

We will need a lot of generosity to one another as we start the next chapter after the referendum however it all plays out. We will have to be optimistic and ‘gift’ one another as we move into the future. ‘Handsel’ is a lovely Scots word for a wee gift on starting a new undertaking, for good fortune for the future. Often given at New Year. From Norse and really meaning hand given. Hands working together, open hands, generous hands. My dad who has passed away and who I miss dearly liked to put a coin in a wallet or a bag if it was being given as a gift. You can’t give someone a wallet or a breifcase without a coin in it. I remember getting a new Junior briefcase kind of thing (I wore waistcoats and sometimes bowties okay) and the scramble for a coin to put in it. The toothfairy for the Mad Men kinda kid. I love and miss my Dad and I thank him your all the Hansels he gave me, not just presents, but love and encouragement.

This autumn we will need to give one another our respect, our time and our effort, a generosity of spirit, wee handsels.

Just think of all we can achieve.

Thanks for going on this journey with me.



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