Aye, Go On Then

photo 1

Streets transformed, crowds of smiling upbeat people beaming with hospitality and generosity. Full of excitement, music, laughter and dancing.

I’m not talking about a vision for a new Scotland – that’s the Scotland I saw yesterday on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street. This was the Yes takeover of Glasgow. It was wonderful to get a tangible vision of how cheerful, welcoming and inclusive we can be. However Scotland votes next week we have unleashed great potential and passion.

On a personal note I was chuffed to get to the opportunity to shake the hand of Patrick Harvey (the co-convener of the Scottish Green Party) and congratulate him on running such a positive and imaginative campaign. And *swoon* he has the same bike pannier as me! The very literal accessibility of our representatives has been a major theme in the build up. I hope that our representatives get increasingly grounded and present as we get increasingly imaginative and above ourselves. The current tension in our society between complacent governance and a lethargic public can, and as we can see is starting to, be changed into a tension between an engaged public and a dynamic governance.

A lot of the campaigning back and forth was on the basis of an apathetic, unfocused society. Just imagine what we can do now we have proven how passionate and active we can be. So many things that have been written off as unfeasible, unworkable, and unlikely are now that much more in our grasp. The process of becoming more independent minded has been as invaluable as independence itself as Lesley Riddoch wrote in today’s smashing Sunday Herald. Scotland has been so fortunate to go through this transformation. May we be part of a global chain.

photo 3

photo (3)


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