The Missing Scene: A Hebridean Ayeland

We apologise for the change in your scheduled programming. I am just back from the wonderful, beautiful Barra. I have spent many hours today on a boat, in a car and on trains. It’s been lovely and hectic and tiring – culminating in a National Collective Event as part of their Yestival seeing musicians and poets explaining their journey to Yes.

In and amongst everything I was unable to bring you today’s guest post but we shan’t be missing out on anything as I will move our posts forward a day and so guest week will continue until Thursday! And there’s some very fantastic things coming up that are well worth the wait.

So I will leave you with this picture. Gaelic has no word for Yes or No (making conversation and presumably lifestyle rather interesting) so the badge says ‘Bu Choir’ which means I gather ‘We shall’ which I love. It’s brilliant that it’s in the snuggly plural first person. It’s a real inclusive statement of intent. Oh Barra must have the highest density of Yes stickers/posters etc per capita of anywhere in Scotland. Almost every single house and car featured something Yes. It made Barra pull at my heart strings even more than it already does. It’s tantalising to imagine Barra as a glimpse of independence.

Anyway, sorry for the delay and normal service will resume tomorrow.



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