An Announcement

Thank you very much for reading these posts. It has been a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable experience. What a time to be in Scotland!! It’s an energising time. But as we all know energising times are paradoxically also tiring times.

So I’m going to be taking a break soon. But as we also know breaks are not really breaks and I will still be editing this blog and it will still be posting daily. I will do a post tomorrow (about something, anything, maybe riff about a swordfish) and resume in the last week leading up to the Referendum.

But between now and then I am going to feature a week of guest posts! A wee chance to shake things up before the final countdown. Every day from Thursday to Wednesday will feature a friend of mine who has agreed to take on the topic of the Referendum and run with it. I look forward to all the diverse directions they take it in.

This Referendum is really about us the people so let’s enjoy the distinct, the personal, and the unexpected.

It’s also planted a seed for the future. I plan to continue posting here regularly (albeit not every day) after the Referendum to keep running with these themes and ideas as we explore what happens next.

I’m interested in podcasting.

I’m interested in all sorts of things.

Watch this space.

Let’s get involved.

See you tomorrow and thanks for your support and encouragement in this endeavor.



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