You Dancin?

Everyone in Scotland knows the appropriate response to the above question

‘You askin?’

An invitation becomes an interrogation quickly in Scotland. A conversation could easily play out as follows…

‘You dancin?’

‘You askin?’

‘You comin?’

‘You gonnae take me?’

‘You gonnae hurry up?’

‘You worth it?’

‘Do you want to find out?’

This is who we are. Charged, cheeky and up for a dance. Or it’s how we should be. But we dinnae dance enough. We have a vibrant, exhilarating tradition of the ceilidh which we dinnae do enough of. I appreciate several of us are fighting the good fight Reeling our Virginias and Dashing our White Sergeants – but really as Scots we should be dancing all the time. Ceilidhs, northern soul, folk jams, twee indie pop we should be dancing all the time. Dancing is something we have become alienated from and that’s especially sad because dancing is the opposite of alienation.

To dance is to be involved. To be present. To be here.Dancing requires cooperation, communication and celebration. I have seen several comments from people who say they are alienated by the big debates and the shouting on the TV. Maybe instead of The Big Debate we should have had The Big Dance. I’m not just being frivolous. Dancing and expending our energy puts us in a creative and responsive place. Traditionally ceilidhs would have breaks for people to gather their breath, swimming in endorphins while somebody would read a poem or a sing song or tell a story or do a party piece. Imagine that on prime time BBC One. Or better still in George Square. We’re all invited to have a dance and cast our minds back into the tales from our history and forward into the possibilities of our future, laughing, singing and talking about what we’re passionate about. Before charging our glasses and our plates and getting back out there like a Stanley Knife to cut that rug good and proper.

In September we are going to be asked one question. Until then we need to be asking lots of others. This could well be a good start

‘You dancin?’


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