I wish you peace. In old Hebrew where we would translate ‘deep peace’ sometimes they aye saying shalom-shalom. Peace-peace. Peace, peace, peace – they’d say. Peace is a word you can’t always qualify ‘deep’ is one of our best attempts at it. Peace can be broken, fractured but it can’t be stretched or moulded, peace simply is. It’s difficult to qualify peace. You can say something is ‘very peaceful’ but peace is always ‘very’ peaceful – that’s what peace is. If something is ‘quite’ peaceful – it isn’t peaceful, it’s something less than peaceful. It’s difficult to qualify peace.

But you can repeat it.

Peace, peace, peace. I wish you peace, peace, peace, peace.

It bears repeating.

Peace can and should be repeated. As-salamu alaykum. Peace, peace, peace. Peace can be shared and shared it’s very ‘very-ness’ means it can always be shared.

This night I am tired and I mean it, I really mean it. Peace be with you. Go with peace, go into peace.

Peace, peace, peace.


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