Love and Cycling

Love and cycling for me are tied up.

I fell in love with cycling a few months before I met the woman I have since fallen head over heels in love with.

When I fractured my elbow coming off my bike in the hills and dales of Yorkshire it was this woman and two other good friends who stayed with me at A&E for hours as I waited to be treated and kept me amused and entertained. The would-they, won’t-they of our relationship got a definite tip in the ‘hurry-up-already’ direction.

Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France hurtled through Yorkshire it passed through Kettlewell where I first met this wonderful woman. We went on early dates to the newly resurrected Kings Head, The Bluebell and The Race Horses. It was between these last two pubs that the cyclists dashed through.

The Commonwealth Games time trials on Thursday took in Gartcosh – the place where I married this woman!

And today I’m heading to the Saltmarket on the edge of Glasgow Green to cheer on the Road Race combatants today. It was in that park I test rode the bike and that corner where I bought the aforementioned bike which took me through hill and dale from Skipton to Kettlewell, to a new a life, to the love of my life.

However David Millar and the rest do today, this Scot already has the Gold.


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