Opening Ceremony

Today’s post is a wee bit late as I have been up watching the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

Yes it was a bit tacky and anticlimactic but moments shone through (including the hardest working terriers in show business – many of whom had to double up and go around again as there wasn’t enough Scotty dogs to trot round with each country).

What was lovely for me was being round at a dear friend’s hoose for a BBQ for it. We were requested to bring food and dress in a manner appropriate to one of the Commonwealth countries. We enjoyed kangaroo burgers, curries, bajis, confetti salad, malteaser cake and much more.

Aye the content of the ceremony was a bit hit and miss but it was Live, it brought together some very valued friends of mine for a fantastic evening of themed playlists, exotic food and shared celebration.

The opening ceremony may have shown Scotland at some of its twee-est and naff-est but it kicks off a wonderful opportunity for hospitality and cultural exchange between a set of countries that used to be linked through warped and inhuman empire and are now able to celebrate an alternative more mutually exciting and enriching future.

I went as Tonga and my wife in a minute or two before we went out the door was able to pull off this design on my arm. I keep being impressed by this amazing woman.


Till next time!


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