59 Days!

Am I a day late or am I nine days early?

Is that a question we could ask ourselves in other areas of life? When we think we’ve just missed something are we actually nine days early for the next opportunity?

My intention was to blog every day for 60 days between now and Scotland’s referendum on independence. Should I have stuck to my 60 days and decided to do a morning after blog on September 19th?

Any old how I have decided to blog regularly every day leading up to the vote. This is an exciting time to be alive. I have recently finished an Alexander McCall Smith novel and I was struck by this extract:

Domenica smiled. ‘It is very easy,’ she said. ‘It’s very easy isn’t it?’
‘To increase the sum total of human happiness. By these little actcs. Small things. A word of encouragement. A gesture of love. So easy.’

Alexander McCall Smith, Love Over Scotland, Abacus 2006

How wonderful it is that humanity is not a zero-sum game. Our a withdrawal of happiness does not have to put others into debit. The happiest moments are when the ‘sum total of human happiness’ is increased, joyously and unexpectedly. There’s been a fair bit of talk about negative campaigning but on the grassroots level I have also seen much positivity, much celebration and much enthusiasm. So in these 59 days I am going to do my best to share as many positive and interesting things that might nudge us further along in the sum total of human happiness. I make no claims to be impartial or objective, or better resourced or more informed than anybody else.

I am a passionate Scot who is going on a journey for the next couple of months towards this exciting day and I hope you enjoy travelling with me. There will be musings, jokes, poetry, book recommendations, articles linked to and perhaps even the odd recipe.

I look forward to returning tomorrow and in the meantime I urge you to remember Domenica’s words – it’s easy! The great lie we’re told time and again (by our society, our peers, our selves) is that it’s hard. It’s not hard to brighten someone’s day. To take them with you on a point rather that confront them antagonistically. We all stand to gain from the increase in the total sum of human happiness, it’s kinda the way things are supposed to go. What gets hard is constantly going against that flow, chipping away at the total sum of human happiness, acting bitterly, taking others and ourselves down. That’s hard and that takes its toll. But actually, if we stop to notice it, increasing the total sum of human happiness is remarkably easy. So as we travel towards this referendum let’s bear that in mind.


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