Daves tend to get things done don’t they?

In my experience the Daves and Davids I have known have been proactive ‘can do people.’Resourceful men who can think inside the box, outside the box and replace the box with a more sensible, stackable container.

I don’t know whether Davids grow up shaped by the expectations society has on them to be practical, ingenious and dependable or whether parents see the calm, thoughtful gurgling and identify ‘Daveness’ in a baby and bestow the name accordingly.

And I’m talking about the real Daves, not any public figures or celebrities called Dave or David. The proper Daves and Davids are not the showy sorts. I’m talking about the grassroots Daves and Davids who you can rely on in a crisis.

I’ve had Daves give me excellent parenting advice, Davids make excellent camping companions, In my experience Daves and Davids are relatable, unpretentious and hilarious.

One Dave I know fixed a television with a fork! A fork!

Yesterday I got to be a Dave. I had a practical problem and I Dave’d it good and proper. My mobile phone has been playing up with the lock/on button refusing to work. I did my research, and then armed with a penknife (standard Dave issue) given to me by my beautiful fiancée and an old plastic DVD envelope I fixed it.

I got to be a Dave for the day. Now the Daves I know tend to be quite humble guys who don’t brag about all their creative problem solving so let me, as an honourary Dave do it on their behalf. Daves and Davids are brilliant and I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate all the work they put in to making the world a better place.

Thank you Daves!


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