Lies Damned Lies, A Little Truth, and Statistics

Custard Factory, Birmingham

Custard Factory, Birmingham

A lot of the time and with the best will in the world, many of us, are simply making it up as we go along. As much as 60-70% of it. We are clueless. We have the most tentative grip on what is going on. We are swimming in a raging sea of information but we hardly have enough time to get a sandwich together let alone our thoughts so around 80 and a 1/2 percent of us choose to ‘wing it’ based on what we can cobble together. Read the following quotes.

‘I often get sheep and goats mixed up so when I have to refer to one I always just murmur the species quietly or choose to take that moment to take a sip of coffee or I just call them by their Christian names’

‘I have been labouring under the misconception that Peru is the capital of Brazil for so long that I’ve stopped correcting myself and hope that when I blithely carry on people will assume I am meaning something clever politically or economically or spiritually.’

‘I think rocks move at night.’

So here are some quick bite sized nuggets to help you navigate life.

90% of people like to conform. 15% don’t like to.

Four fifths of the world’s population doubt themselves. The other fifth doubts them too.

One in every three people is not the other two.

50% of people like to compromise. 50% don’t. So that seems fair.

Scientifically speaking duckbilled platypuses don’t actually exist. In reality about five do.

Men who are below 6ft tall are 12 times more likely to captain a sea vessel. The reverse is true of women. No one knows why.

If you got all the blue tack in the world and rolled it into one giant ball then society as we know it would collapse in on itself.

If planet Earth was the same size, density, colour and material as a golf ball, it wouldn’t be the planet Earth. It would be a golf ball.

More money is spent everyday than there are sandwich varieties.*

*This is disputed.

65% of numbers are now known.


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