imageSo maybe life is like, is like… a really long table. Like crazy long. Really, really


And there’s plenty of chairs at it. Plenty. Like totally


But sometimes maybe we need to shuffle about a bit, make room, re-organise, accommodate. Verbalise to one another that there is room, we’ll make it. So

pull up a chair.

I have written this poem about having a little charity, being respectful, graceful, making room at the table. It’s called Laudable.

In essence I petition you
Listen to what is more than we can articulate,
or formulate,
I petition you to
Wait and listen to the inexpressible,
the ineffable.
Our inaudible cries,
are audited,
Fear will make you run,
but there’s more than meets the eye
or converses with the ear drum.
There are faint echoes of humanity
Laying waste to our preconceptions,
and awakening,
to the more we can be,
and we can be.
I petition you
to listen to,
the inarticulate
and awkward.
Inexpressible and seemingly
The inaudible cries of each of us
are audited,


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