Some Things Don’t Go Without Saying (or) The Last of the Tubulidentata

There are many things that go without saying.

What follows are some things that don’t go without saying.

‘I’d watch that aardvark if I were you.’

‘We’d miss you if you weren’t here.’

‘Yes I’ve got another 5 minutes, hell I’ve got another 10, in fact let’s see if they do food here.’

‘That aardvark is looking decidedly ambivalent.’

‘We would be lost without you, totally scunnered man, it would be an actual scunner.’

‘I haven’t got any change mate sorry. How’s it going anyway? – True enough – It’s James by the way – Martin, right well take care Martin. – Aye you too.’

‘That aardvark is looking cagey, I’m telling you that is one cagey aardvark.’

‘Oh that’s totally you, you should totes get that man.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘I don’t think aardvarks follow the same moral code we do.’

‘See that thing you said the other day, it’s really stuck with me, I’d never seen it like that before.

‘Me too.’

‘What do you mean, is it a Judeao-Christian aardvark?’

‘I have absolutley no idea what to say.’

‘Love you.’


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