A New Home


Welcome to the new home of Let’s All Hold Hands And Talk About. I started blogging a couple of years ago during my transition from earnest journalism student to hipster theology cat. It was an interesting project. I was largely unfamiliar with the genre so I found it rewarding to explore and experiment with different styles while simultaenously discovering my voice. I recieved a lot of helpful feedback and it has been a useful tool for developing other aspects of my writing.

A lot has changed in my life in the last 6 months. It has been a very busy time and the blog has been largely on hiatus. I am in a new job in a new place in a new country in a new relationship and in this new year I decided it was time to relaunch in a new format and approach the project with a renewed vigour, engaging and networking more with other bloggers, writing and collaborating more. Part of my responsibility in my new job has been to edit a blog which has been a great learning curve and has inspired me to really invest in Let’s All Hold Hands And Talk About.

As the new site gets up and running there will be a mixed economy of new posts and reposts from the old site. I am particularly interested in this new home of networking more with other bloggers and thinking about how to work together in community. Blogging can and should be a brilliant resource for bringing people and resources together. Let’s share ideas. Let’s invest in the future. Let’s not let the good get in the way of the great.

Let’s all hold hands and talk about it.


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  1. johnt850 · · Reply

    Good luck……wherever and whatever it is you’re doing.

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